Habichuelas guisadas with Primary Beans Organic Sangre de Toro beans

Habichuelas guisadas

We teamed up with our favorite Latin American pantry brand, Loisa, to bring you our spin on habichuelas guisadas, classic Puerto Rican stewed red beans with squash.

Alexis deBoschnek's spicy brothy bacony beans with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Alexis deBoschnek's spicy brothy bacony beans

The real joy of dried beans is much the same as homemade stock: you can make them to suit your tastes. I’m partial to cranberry beans, but this recipe works with nearly any type.

Ultimate BBQ beans

Ultimate BBQ beans

We partnered with our friends at Spicewalla to highlight regional bean varieties and regional BBQ flavors, taken to new heights when paired together. 
Frijoles colorados

Frijoles colorados

While recipes vary slightly, the fundamentals of this hearty Cuban stew are the same: red beans, a few different smoky meats, sazón, and veggies like squash and potatoes.

Matos Family Black Beans with Primary Beans Organic Negro beans

Matos Family Black Beans

Dani Dillon adapted this recipe from her Puerto Rican grandma, Adeline Matos (or "Mom Mom"), who played a huge role in Dani’s upbringing and her earliest memories in the kitchen.
Malaysian bean curry featuring Primary beans Organic Ayocote Morado beans

Malaysian bean curry

Created in partnership with Homiah, this minimal ingredient recipe showcases the magic of combining wholesome, thoughtfully sourced pantry ingredients with distinct origins. 
Coconut rice and red beans recipe with Primary Beans Sangre de Toro beans

Coconut rice and red beans

This classic Caribbean-inspired rice and beans dish has stood the test of time. We first tried it while visiting the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica and fell in love with its simplicity, subtle richness, and versatility. 
Venezuelan-style arepas with secret sauce

Venezuelan-style arepas with secret sauce

While living on the East Coast we became obsessed with the stuffed cornmeal cakes, known as arepas, from NYC's Caracas Arepas Bar. We still dream about the signature tangy, bright-yellow sauce.
Pressure cooker rajma recipe by Primary Beans

Pressure cooker rajma

This iconic North Indian bean stew is the ultimate comfort food. Like a classic chili, the beans are coated with a rich, heavily spiced, tomato-ey sauce. And, it is practically made for the electric pressure cooker.