Louisiana-style smoky beans and rice with Primary Beans Speckled Bayo beans

Louisiana-style smoky beans and rice

Speckled Bayo’s Louisiana roots come alive in our new classic, homey recipe.
French onion beans

French onion beans

Inspired by the beloved soup, this version takes brothy beans, envelops them in beef broth and jammy caramelized onions, and tops it off with crunchy croutons and melty cheese. 
Italian-style beans and greens with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Italian-style beans and greens

Growing up, this was the ultimate comfort food dish on chilly fall and winter days. Walking into my grandparent's house after school, I could smell the beans simmering away.
Comfort minestrone with Primary Beans

Comfort minestrone

Minestrone has stood the test of time in Italian kitchens for a reason – it's vegetable-heavy yet indulgent and complex. All you need is the veggies you have access to at the moment and a few quality pantry ingredients.
Brown butter sage Cranberry beans with chard

Brown butter sage Cranberry beans with chard

@cookwithjackie pairs tender cranberry beans with a toasty brown butter and sage sauce to enhance the natural nuttiness of the beans and make them Thanksgiving-ready.
Alexis deBoschnek's spicy brothy bacony beans with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Alexis deBoschnek's spicy brothy bacony beans

The real joy of dried beans is much the same as homemade stock: you can make them to suit your tastes. I’m partial to cranberry beans, but this recipe works with nearly any type.

Barbounia yiahni with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Barbounia yiahni

If you like gigantes plaki (baked giant beans), you’ll love this traditional dish with cranberry beans that embodies simplicity at its best.
Chicken Basquaise with Primary Beans Flageolet beans

Chicken basquaise with Flageolet

Inspired by Chicken Basquaise – a chicken and pepper stew from the Basque-Pyrenees in southwest France – this one-pan dinner gets the very French addition of Flageolet beans.
Classic beef stew (with "beefy" beans)

Classic beef stew (with "beefy" beans)

We love a good hearty beef stew – so thought, why not add some large, beefy Ayocote Morados to complement the tender beef, soak up all those flavors, and pare down the amount of meat?
Frijoles colorados

Frijoles colorados

While recipes vary slightly, the fundamentals of this hearty Cuban stew are the same: red beans, a few different smoky meats, sazón, and veggies like squash and potatoes.

Brothy beans with sauteed mushrooms and sage pesto with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Brothy beans with sautéed mushrooms and sage pesto

We developed this recipe to highlight fall’s bounty: creamy beans are topped with earthy sauteed cremini mushrooms and nutty sage pesto. Don’t forget the crusty bread! 
Bean pate recipe with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Bean pâté

Beans, walnuts, herbs, and spices come together into a savory, thick spread for your next grazing board that'll please vegetarians and omnivores alike. 
Coconut rice and red beans recipe with Primary Beans Sangre de Toro beans

Coconut rice and red beans

This classic Caribbean-inspired rice and beans dish has stood the test of time. We first tried it while visiting the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica and fell in love with its simplicity, subtle richness, and versatility. 
Kenyan kunde-inspired beans in a peanut-tomato sauce with Primary Beans

Kenyan kunde-inspired beans in a peanut-tomato sauce

Kunde is a Kenyan dish featuring black-eyed peas cooked in a peanut-tomato sauce. This recipe swaps out the black-eyed peas for cranberry beans and comes together in a snap. 
Indian-inspired bean tadka with Primary Beans

Indian-inspired bean tadka

Creamy cranberry beans pair nicely with fat and spice, ideal for Indian cooking. Tadka is a South Asian technique used to bloom spices in oil to extract their essential flavor compounds.
Spicy bean cakes recipe with Primary Beans organic Flor de Junio beans

Spicy bean cakes with cilantro-yogurt sauce

These spicy bean cakes are a fun cross between bean patties and my mom’s pakoras. Their crisp exterior and warm, flavorful interior pair beautifully with a dollop of cooling cilantro-yogurt sauce. 
Baked beans with Primary Beans Organic Alubia beans

No-ketchup sticky baked beans

I grew up in New England, and few things remind me of fall more than a big pot of baked beans served on a crisp day. The baked beans of my childhood are, to my now grown-up palate, a little too sweet, so...
Taco salad recipe with Primary Beans Bayo beans

Summer taco salad

This recipe is fresh, tangy, flavorful, and hearty enough to be a meal. The dressing gets its creamy consistency from Greek yogurt, jazzed up with lime juice and chipotles in adobo. 
Turkish bean salad (piyaz) recipe with Primary Beans Cannellini beans

Turkish bean salad (piyaz)

A traditional Turkish salad recipe developed in partnership with New York Shuk that comes together quickly to make your summer easy and delicious. We love how the zingy preserved lemon paste and sumac...
Pressure cooker rajma recipe by Primary Beans

Pressure cooker rajma

This iconic North Indian bean stew is the ultimate comfort food. Like a classic chili, the beans are coated with a rich, heavily spiced, tomato-ey sauce. And, it is practically made for the electric pressure cooker.