All the beans set by Primary Beans
All the beans set by Primary Beans
All the beans set
All the beans set
All the beans set

All the beans set


Set of 10 bean varieties


Because why not have them all? All the beans you need for the complete bean experience from bold and earthy, to mild and nutty. Set currently includes these 11 varieties (from left to right): 


  • Alubia (organic)
  • Ayocote Morado (organic)
  • Bayo (organic)
  • Cannellini
  • Cranberry 
  • Flor de Junio (organic)
  • Mayocoba
  • Negro (organic)
  • Ojo de Cabra (organic)
  • Sangre de Toro (organic)


Harvested: Fall / Winter 2021-22

Net weight: 10 lbs

Nutritious for all human beans


Plant protein: Boost your plant-based protein intake, naturally. One cup of cooked beans provides ~16 g of protein (varies by bean).


Lots of fiber: Beans have an impressive 12-20 grams of fiber per cup (varies by bean). Fiber helps keep your cholesterol levels at bay and your digestion in check ;)


Sustained energy: The complex carbs in beans keep your blood sugar levels steady, helping you feel energized for hours.


Key nutrients: High in iron, zinc, folate, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants (oh my!), beans have everything you need to feel healthy and happy daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ginnie Lebosse
Flor de Junio beans

We ordered the set. Flor de Junio was the first bean we cooked. The flavor and texture were so good that we ordered another 4 bags the next day.
I saved about 10 beans to try in the garden. I soaked them for a few days in a paper towel to sprout.
All 10 are now about 2 inches growing here in the NC mountains!
Can’t wait to try the other varieties- such freshness!
My husband would like to know if these are pole or bush beans.

beans are fun

We've just started exploring the world of interesting dry beans, so the All the Beans collection has been a fun way to taste some new varieties. So far the beans have been high quality, easy to prep, and tasty. We're making a soup with oyo de cabras, chicken broth, garlic, kale, and parmesan for dinner tonight!

Edward Loewenstein
Great company ethic supported by a fabulous product

I love to cook and am continually looking to try new things. I've been running into more and more articles about heirloom beans and found Primary Beans in a google search. Read over their entire website and fell in love with the story, all of it, from the founders, to the farmers. Ordered a bunch of beans including the all beans set and a few of the rare and regional varieties. My wife thought I was nuts...until she tasted some of my first attempts at incorporating more beans into our menu. I also have to admit that I used this bean extravagance as an excuse to upgrade my stovetop pressure cooker. The upside, I can now incorporate beans into an evening meal with little to no increase in prep time. Tonight I put a Tuscan style sausage, bean, and kale soup on the table in less than an hour and a half, start to finish. The cranberry beans were perfect in that dish.

I've still got a lot of beans to get through, but I will certainly be ordering more as my supply wanes. I used to keep a fairly large stock of canned black beans and chickpeas for pretty much any Mexican dish or for hummus respectively. Now, I'm looking for recipes that will allow me to match the specific qualities of my Primary Beans to the dish being prepared. I'm glad I got the all beans set to force me to expand my repertoire.

Wonderful beans!

Absolutely delicious and a great variety! I'm glad I got the whole set and get to try all of these types.

Michelle Krasser
Best beans ever!

I ordered my first batch of beans. I received them quickly and have been making dishes with them. They are delicious! I highly recommend this company and their beans.
It is so fun to try these new types of beans too. I love the recipes on the website and cooking instructions - very helpful!