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holiday bean confit with Primary Beans Organic Ayocote Blanco

Holiday bean confit

A showstopping holiday recipe to cook for loved ones. While not technically confit by definition, we love this idea of slowly roasting already cooked beans in lots of oil and with festive aromatics.
Brothy beans with sauteed mushrooms and sage pesto with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Brothy beans with sautéed mushrooms and sage pesto

We developed this recipe to highlight fall’s bounty: creamy beans are topped with earthy sauteed cremini mushrooms and nutty sage pesto. Don’t forget the crusty bread! 
Matos Family Black Beans with Primary Beans Organic Negro beans

Matos Family Black Beans

Dani Dillon adapted this recipe from her Puerto Rican grandma, Adeline Matos (or "Mom Mom"), who played a huge role in Dani’s upbringing and her earliest memories in the kitchen.
Bean pate recipe with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Bean pâté

Beans, walnuts, herbs, and spices come together into a savory, thick spread for your next grazing board that'll please vegetarians and omnivores alike. 
Clams with Alubia beans and Spanish Chorizo with Primary Beans Organic Alubia beans

Clams with Alubia beans and Spanish chorizo

I really love beans and seafood together and this recipe is a dinner party favorite. Here, clams and beans are cooked with a savory mixture of aromatics, Spanish chorizo, lemon, white wine, and broth.
Tamales de frijol, calabaza, y epazote with Primary Beans x Tamoa Parraleno beans

Tamales de frijol, calabaza, y epazote

Eaten widely across Mexico but with many regional variations, tamales are both a celebratory and convenience food. While lard is traditionally used, this version can also be made entirely vegan.
Frijoles con salsa macha with Primary Beans x Tamoa Ayocote Arcoiris beans

Frijoles con salsa macha

This recipe was designed exclusively for our Primary Beans x Tamoa collaboration by Bolita founder, Emmanuel Galván. Salsa macha is a toasty, nutty, spicy condiment.
Vegan frijoles Zacatecanos with Primary Beans Organic Flor de Junio beans

Vegan frijoles Zacatecanos

Designed exclusively for our Toda la Familia kit by Todo Verde founder and NYT Cooking contributor, Jocelyn Ramirez. You can typically find avocado leaves at Mexican grocery stores or online.
Primary Beans hummus recipe with Organic chickpeas

Best hummus

High-quality chickpeas and tahini, which blend together to make the creamiest version of this classic dip, make all the difference. You can play with the toppings depending on what’s in your pantry.
Rustic Bakery's Meyer lemon chickpea spread

Rustic Bakery's Meyer lemon chickpea spread

Our friends at Rustic Bakery adapted the recipe for home cooks. Bright and citrusy from 2 whole Meyer lemons and lots of cilantro, this recipe makes the most of California’s winter citrus season.
Blog posts Italian-inspired brothy beans with Primary Beans

Italian-inspired brothy beans

A good bowl of brothy beans is simple to put together, but oh-so-comforting! The ingredients here are inspired by Italian cooking, like anchovies, garlic, and lemon.

Abra Berens' cranberry bean salad with roasted carrots and mojo de ajo

Abra Berens' cranberry bean salad w/ roasted carrots + mojo de ajo

I came to know cranberry beans in the kitchen at Petersham Nurseries under the tutelage of Skye Gyngell. She called them by their Italian name, borlotti beans.
Abra Berens' tomato and parsnip stew with wilted kale

Abra Berens' tomato + parsnip stew w/ wilted kale

I like to finish these stews in the oven to slowly evaporate the liquid while creating a bit of a crust on top. It takes a little longer but requires less attention than the stovetop...
Primary Beans Cranberry beans with radicchio recipe

Cranberry beans with grilled radicchio vinaigrette

Our ideal fall salad comes together in a pinch with distinctly bitter radicchio, nutty cranberry beans, and a bright vinaigrette. Applying high heat to the chicories brings out their natural sweetness.
Primary Beans Organic Chickpeas with chicories recipe

Fall chickpea salad with charred chicories

Lemony marinated chickpeas, salty crumbled feta, and a silky spicy dressing round out the charred chicories. Best of all, it’s satisfying enough as a standalone dish.  
Enfrijoladas recipe by Primary Beans

Sofia and Francisco's enfrijoladas

Enfrijoladas are a go-to weeknight dinner throughout Mexico and we get why: tortillas smothered in a smooth, rich bean sauce makes for a super simple, yet comforting dish.
Pasta e fagioli recipe with Primary Beans Cranberry beans

Pasta e fagioli

With as many variations as there are bean varieties, this Italian favorite is the perfect way to show off brothy beans in all their glory. Literally "pasta and beans," the only other ingredients you need are...
Pressure cooker rajma recipe by Primary Beans

Pressure cooker rajma

This iconic North Indian bean stew is the ultimate comfort food. Like a classic chili, the beans are coated with a rich, heavily spiced, tomato-ey sauce. And, it is practically made for the electric pressure cooker.
Botanica’s bean tartine recipe by Primary Beans

Botanica’s bean tartine with sage-pistachio pesto

This stunning recipe comes from Botanica, one of Los Angeles’s leading vegetable-forward restaurants. Primary Beans and Botanica partnered up for a 10-day food festival...
Enrique Olvera's pozole recipe by Primary Beans

Spicy pork pozole with beans

Deliciously comforting and nourishing, and fortified with hominy, chiles, and pork, it’s no wonder pozole is a celebratory dish all over Mexico. Here we feature Enrique Olvera’s pozole recipe...
Chipotle baked beans with cilantro pesto recipe with Primary Beans Ayocote Morado beans

Chipotle baked beans with cilantro pesto 

 This recipe was just made for the plump, sturdy, and creamy nature of our Ayocote beans. These large beans really shine when bathed in the smoky chipotle-tomato sauce and topped with bright cilantro pesto.
Frijoles de la olla recipe by Primary Beans

Frijoles de la olla

We’ve experimented with enough variations to know that the ultimate Mexican-style brothy beans comes from embracing simplicity. While flavorings vary depending on the region...
Cassoulet recipe with Primary Beans Michelet beans

Pared-down cassoulet

Deceptively known as “peasant fare” in France, cassoulet is as technical as it gets when it comes to beans. Beans are the backbone of this dish and work their magic by absorbing the many flavors...