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Venezuelan-style arepas with secret sauce

Venezuelan-style arepas with secret sauce

While living on the East Coast we became obsessed with the stuffed cornmeal cakes, known as arepas, from NYC's Caracas Arepas Bar. We still dream about the signature tangy, bright-yellow sauce.
Kenyan kunde-inspired beans in a peanut-tomato sauce with Primary Beans

Kenyan kunde-inspired beans in a peanut-tomato sauce

Kunde is a Kenyan dish featuring black-eyed peas cooked in a peanut-tomato sauce. This recipe swaps out the black-eyed peas for cranberry beans and comes together in a snap. 
Mediterranean-inspired tomato and bean salad with Primary Beans

Mediterranean-inspired tomato and bean salad

I love the bright, refreshing flavors of a Mediterranean, Greek-style salad. This is a loosely inspired dish, featuring tomatoes, salty feta, and lots of fresh herbs. 
Mexican-inspired refried beans with pickled onions with Primary Beans

Mexican-inspired refried beans with pickled onions

I love refried beans, and though I typically see them made with pinto beans, cranberry beans act as an excellent substitute. Cranberry beans are slightly milder in flavor but still yield a delicious result.
Indian-inspired bean tadka with Primary Beans

Indian-inspired bean tadka

Creamy cranberry beans pair nicely with fat and spice, ideal for Indian cooking. Tadka is a South Asian technique used to bloom spices in oil to extract their essential flavor compounds.
Blog posts Italian-inspired brothy beans with Primary Beans

Italian-inspired brothy beans

A good bowl of brothy beans is simple to put together, but oh-so-comforting! The ingredients here are inspired by Italian cooking, like anchovies, garlic, and lemon.

1 pot of beans, 5 tasty meals

1 pot of beans, 5 tasty meals

Here are 5 distinct meals made from a pot of Cranberry beans, featuring various cuisines across the globe. These are “no-recipe” recipes, so they’re highly flexible and adaptable.
Abra Berens' cranberry bean salad with roasted carrots and mojo de ajo

Abra Berens' cranberry bean salad w/ roasted carrots + mojo de ajo

I came to know cranberry beans in the kitchen at Petersham Nurseries under the tutelage of Skye Gyngell. She called them by their Italian name, borlotti beans.
Abra Berens' tomato and parsnip stew with wilted kale

Abra Berens' tomato + parsnip stew w/ wilted kale

I like to finish these stews in the oven to slowly evaporate the liquid while creating a bit of a crust on top. It takes a little longer but requires less attention than the stovetop...
Abra Berens' greens + bean pot licker

Abra Berens' greens + bean pot licker

My friend Erin Stanley turned me on to cooking broccolini with some pasta cooking water until it is just about to fall apart. Swap pot liquor for pasta water and here we are. 
Company update from our founders (November 2021)

Company update from our founders (November 2021)

Launching this next crop is a huge milestone for us and our small team is working feverishly to get so many new and exciting things launched around the holidays.
Cheesy baked beans in tomato sauce recipe with Primary Beans Organic Ayocote Blanco beans

Cheesy baked beans in tomato sauce

An easy and comforting dinner that comes together quickly during the week. The anchovies dissolve and add a savory complexity. For a complete meal, serve over a pile of orzo or with crusty bread.
Spicy bean cakes recipe with Primary Beans organic Flor de Junio beans

Spicy bean cakes with cilantro-yogurt sauce

These spicy bean cakes are a fun cross between bean patties and my mom’s pakoras. Their crisp exterior and warm, flavorful interior pair beautifully with a dollop of cooling cilantro-yogurt sauce. 
Food Memories Q&A with Karishma Pradhan with Home Cooking Collective

Food memories: Q&A with Karishma Pradhan

Meet Karishma Pradhan, an incredibly talented recipe developer who speaks our language about mastering the basics for easy and flexible meals at home.
Primary Beans Cranberry beans with radicchio recipe

Cranberry beans with grilled radicchio and mushrooms

Our ideal fall salad comes together in a pinch with distinctly bitter radicchio, nutty cranberry beans, and a bright vinaigrette. Applying high heat to the chicories brings out their natural sweetness.
Primary Beans Organic Chickpeas with chicories recipe

Fall chickpea salad with charred chicories

Lemony marinated chickpeas, salty crumbled feta, and a silky spicy dressing round out the charred chicories. Best of all, it’s satisfying enough as a standalone dish.  
A note about climate change from our CEO

A note about climate change from our CEO

As we get ready to bring incredible new bean varieties to your table, we’ve also been navigating the realities that come with working directly with farms. 
Unique Hammond The Bean Protocol interview with Primary Beans

The Bean Protocol™, explained: Conversation with Unique Hammond

We chatted with Unique Hammond, Bean Protocol™ specialist, about the healing powers of plant-based eating, the science behind the protocol, and why beans are key to a healthy overall well-being.
Baked beans with Primary Beans Organic Alubia beans

No-ketchup sticky baked beans

I grew up in New England, and few things remind me of fall more than a big pot of baked beans served on a crisp day. The baked beans of my childhood are, to my now grown-up palate, a little too sweet, so...
Jarrett Melendez

Food memories: Q&A with Jarrett Melendez

We chatted with our friend and recipe developer, Jarrett Melendez, about his early food memories, cooking style, and how he's merging his loves for comics and food.
Taco salad recipe with Primary Beans Bayo beans

Summer taco salad

This recipe is fresh, tangy, flavorful, and hearty enough to be a meal. The dressing gets its creamy consistency from Greek yogurt, jazzed up with lime juice and chipotles in adobo. 
Panzanella recipe with Primary Beans Ayocote Blanco beans

Peak-summer panzanella

The best combination of two of our favorite “heirlooms”: tomatoes and beans! We’ve loved panzanella ever since we discovered this pure genius of a salad. Our version features hearty Ayocote Blanco beans...
Enfrijoladas recipe by Primary Beans

Sofia and Francisco's enfrijoladas

Enfrijoladas are a go-to weeknight dinner throughout Mexico and we get why: tortillas smothered in a smooth, rich bean sauce makes for a super simple, yet comforting dish.
Refried beans recipe by Primary Beans

No-fail refried beans

Once you’ve made a pot of beans using our guide, you’ve allllmost made refried beans. All you need is a little more fat to fry everything up. If you can find quality, pasture-raised lard, use it for the best flavor...
Turkish bean salad (piyaz) recipe with Primary Beans Cannellini beans

Turkish bean salad (piyaz)

A traditional Turkish salad recipe developed in partnership with New York Shuk that comes together quickly to make your summer easy and delicious. We love how the zingy preserved lemon paste and sumac...
Persian-style herby beans with yogurt and caramelized onions with Primary Beans Chickpeas

Persian-style herby beans with yogurt and caramelized onions

This recipe is adapted from the herbaceous bean and noodle soup known as ash reshteh. Our version is heavy on the beans, and features the traditional yogurt and caramelized onion topping.
Pantry shelves with Primary Beans

Our top 5 steps to an organized kitchen

Now that we’ve settled into the role of being our own personal chefs, we thought we’d share our favorite ways to up your cooking game and stay organized in 2021...
Veggie burger recipe by Primary Beans

*Actual* veggie burgers

You make a veggie burger because you want an actual veggie burger, not a plant-based burger that tastes exactly like meat. This recipe celebrates beans and veggies...
Frijoles charros, oaxaqueños, and puercos by Primary Beans

Mexican beans 3 ways: Frijoles charros, oaxaqueños, and puercos

We're sharing 3 ways to transform your next batch of Mexican-style beans into dishes representing regional favorites across Mexico. Each of these preparations starts with a batch of frijoles de la olla.
Online reading running list by Primary Beans

Learn with us

We're sharing articles (and the occasional listen, film, or show) by trusted voices that explore food topics like farming, culture, health, climate change, technology, and more.

Carrot-bean soup with miso and dill with Primary Beans Mayocoba beans

Carrot-bean soup with miso and dill

Here's a simple, nourishing carrot-bean soup with miso, lemon zest, and dill for a flavor punch. We love the rustic nature that’s achieved by keeping vegetable chunks whole rather than pureeing. 
Primary Beans bookshelf running list

Primary Beans bookshelf

Welcome to our bookshelf! Each quarter, we're sharing books that have caught our fancy and expanded our horizons on cooking, agriculture, history, culture, and more.
Shakshuka recipe with Primary Beans Chickpeas

Favorite shakshuka with chickpeas and harissa

Shakshuka is at the top of our list of eggs-for-dinner recipes, though in Israel it’s brunch fare above all. It’s a one-pan dish of eggs baked in a spice-laden tomato sauce, and served with a pile of warm pita bread. 
Primary Beans Cannellini beans on kitchen counter

A primer on bean nutrition

Beans are a magical fruit – but not for the reason you think. Beans pack in an average of 21-24 grams of protein per 1-½ cups. They’re also a key dietary source of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium...
Beans on toast recipe with Primary Beans Cannellini beans

Creamy beans on toast

A no-recipe recipe that is a must-have for your back pocket. Never forget: good, crusty bread is the perfect vessel for creamy beans. Which beans to use? Creamy beans with delicate skins...
Ayocote Blanco bean recipes by Primary Beans

Ayocote Blanco bean recipes

A growing collection of all our favorite Ayocote Blanco bean recipes in one place. Peak-summer panzanella, Turkish bean salad (piyaz), Baked beans with greens, dill, and yogurt, and more.