The italians set - Primary Beans
The italians set - Primary Beans
The Italians set - Primary Beans

The Italians set


Set of 3 bean varieties


Meet the Italians. Everything you need to take classic Italian dishes up a notch– pasta e ceci, ribollita, minestrone, you get the idea. Oh, and it also makes a perfect gift. Set includes 3 varieties (left to right):


  • Chickpea (organic)
  • Cannellini 
  • Cranberry


Harvested: Fall 2020

Net weight: 3 lbs

Nutritious for all human beans

Plant protein: Boost your plant-based protein intake, naturally. One cup of cooked beans provides ~16 g of protein (varies by bean).

Lots of fiber: Beans have an impressive 12-20 grams of fiber per cup (varies by bean). Fiber helps keep your cholesterol levels at bay and your digestion in check ;)

Sustained energy: The complex carbs in beans keep your blood sugar levels steady, helping you feel energized for hours.

Key nutrients: High in iron, zinc, folate, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants (oh my!), beans have everything you need to feel healthy and happy daily.

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Customer Reviews

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When I went to order the Italian set was the only package available to purchase, and even though I purchased them by default, I'll continue to buy this package willingly!!! The cranberry beans have been my favorite of the bunch so far, Primary Beans makes it easy to incorporate more beans to my daily meals which has noticeably improved my overall health.