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Southwest Red

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Tasting notes: Sweet • Velvety • Smooth

Grown by: Fred and Cooper Brossy, Magic Valley, Idaho

Harvested: October 2023

Practices: Builds healthy soils, boosts biodiversity, preserves heirloom seed

Why we chose it

Southwest Red packs a ton of earthy flavor and has an addictively creamy texture, and has been a community favorite ever since we launched our Pilot Project in 2022. It was adapted from the heirloom “Anasazi” using traditional breeding methods by breeder Travis Parker of UC Davis. These beans also retain their pretty pattern when cooked, so your final dish will be extra pleasing – a perfect canvas for all the colorful seasonal spring produce.

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The sourcing backstory

These gorgeous beans are the perfect representation of what’s possible when farmers, breeders, distributors, and home cooks come together with a common goal. The PB community first met these beans as part of our 2022 Pilot Program – where 40 home cooks taste-tested 8 varieties being trialed by farms and university researchers. The consensus was clear: our Southwest Red beans were among the tastiest. The Brossy Family uses groundbreaking methods to grow them, promoting soil health and biodiversity via living trellises, cover crops, no-tillage, and crop rotations.

Get cookin'

Cook beans according to our step-by-step cooking guide, then plate the beans as they are, use them in a recipe, or go off-script and create something new.

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Broth notes:

Light-bodied, meaty, robust

Suggested produce pairings:

Avocado, chiles, hearty greens

Bonus tips:

  • Caramelize your aromatics in the pot before adding the beans for extra depth in flavor
  • Add smoked chipotle chiles for extra umami

PB recipe picks:

  • Alexis deBoschnek's spicy brothy bacony beans
  • Coconut rice and red beans
  • Taco salad

Head to the PB Blog for more recipes to celebrate Southwest Red!

Cooking resources

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