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Tasting notes: Bacon-y • Creamy • Firm

Grown by: Carlos and Ana María Albarrán, Morelos, Mexico

Harvested: November 2023

Practices: Builds healthy soils, preserves cultural heritage, diverse crop rotations

Why we chose it

A versatile alternative to pinto, although the depth and flavor you get from cooking with Bayo is truly unparalleled (we call them bacon-y for a reason!). We particularly love how the rich broth adds extra creaminess to Mexican classics.

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The sourcing backstory

These tan, creamy beauties come to us by way of La Comandanta - female-powered bean purveyors based in Mexico. We’ve been in touch for so many years about collaborating, and it finally came to life when they had extra of the exact beans we were searching for! (Normally, our Bayo beans come from our trusted farm partner in Zacatecas, but we lost that crop due to drought conditions in the rain-fed system.) Along with beans, the Albarrán family grows a range of diverse crops organically (tomatoes, chiles, and cucumbers, to name a few!) on their thriving, small-scale farm.

Get cookin'

Cook beans according to our step-by-step cooking guide, then plate the beans as they are, use them in a recipe, or go off-script and create something new.

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Broth notes:

Medium-bodied, rich, meaty

Suggested produce pairings:

Onion, mushrooms, radish, kale

Bonus tips:

  • For ultimate indulgence, simmer the bean broth until you have a thick, rich broth
  • Save your broth for refried beans - you’ll need it to thin the smashed beans until they’re just right

PB recipe picks:

  • Aguachile beans
  • Weeknight bean tostadas
  • Taco salad

Head to the PB Blog for more recipes to celebrate Bayo!

Cooking resources

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