Not-a-pinto set (organic)
Not-a-pinto set (organic)
Not-a-pinto set - organic - Primary Beans

Not-a-pinto set (organic)


Set of 3 bean varieties


A set of 3 really unique beans that are prized in Mexico and allow you to expand your horizons beyond pinto. They all make epic frijoles de la olla and are perfect as a gift. Set includes 3 varieties (left to right): 


  • Flor de Junio (organic)
  • Bayo (organic)
  • Negro (organic)


USDA organic certified

Harvested: Winter 2020/21

Source: Zacatecas, Mexico

Net weight: 3 lbs

Use a pressure cooker

Skip the pre-soak step

Salt early and liberally

Plant protein: Boost your plant-based protein intake, naturally. One cup of cooked beans provides ~16 g of protein (varies by bean).

Lots of fiber: Beans have an impressive 12-20 grams of fiber per cup (varies by bean). Fiber helps keep your cholesterol levels at bay and your digestion in check ;)

Sustained energy: The complex carbs in beans keep your blood sugar levels steady, helping you feel energized for hours.

Key nutrients: High in iron, zinc, folate, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants (oh my!), beans have everything you need to feel healthy and happy daily.