Founder update: Beans as a symbol for longevity

Founder update: Beans as a symbol for longevity

Hi lovely bean community,

I hope you had a rejuvenating holiday, whatever that may look like! 

My time spent relaxing helped me land on my theme for 2024, longevity. As a brand geared towards sustenance in all its forms, longevity already guides so much of our work. But as the pace of the new year starts to pick up, I find myself wanting to commit to it even further – in business and life.

When I started working on Primary Beans 4+ years ago, my main goal was to get people excited about cooking beans as a way to contribute to the longevity of our planetBeans, after all, are the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture. As you can imagine, the realities of growing food are complex and the impacts of climate change are very real. I've had to pivot so many times after devasting crop losses (farmers, unfortunately, don't have this luxury). 

Truthfully, all these extreme weather events are giving me mixed emotions: I feel wary yet also inspired to continue to thoughtfully grow our bean supply chain so that we can bring you beans for a long time.

Of course, none of this would be possible without protecting my own longevity. As a new mom of two and business owner, committing to my physical and mental health is what allows me to show up fully for what matters most. It will come as no surprise that beans are a big part of my diet and a ritual that brings grounding to my otherwise chaotic days. 

As we march into the new year, beans serve as a consistent, trustworthy friend

– always there to support long-term health and vitality. I can count on them to nourish me and my family (Blue Zones claims beans are the world's #1 longevity food). And the more I learn, the more I want to celebrate all they have to offer. 

Below are some resources I’ve been turning to recently: 

  • New study shows that fiber in beans influences our gut microbiome and helps prevent cancer
  • Huberman Lab's podcast episode on how to build, repair, and maintain gut health
  • Our blog post on the link between your gut health and overall health
  • Our Q&A with Unique Hammond, expert coach on the liver-detoxifying Bean Protocol

And finally, it wouldn’t feel right to discuss all this without mentioning the longevity of small, mission-oriented businesses like Primary Beans, challenging in the shadows of Amazon and our conditioned expectations around price and expediency. While we know our prices for beans are higher than commodity counterparts, I'm working hard to balance accessibility with turning a profit so we can be around in the years to come. 

Because what's the alternative? I personally don't want a future where I'm mostly subject to offerings from larger companies with inherent limitations on how well they can connect with the needs and values of their audience. To me, the supply chain bridges, community, and well-being that Primary Beans has fostered are worth fighting for. 

A pursuit of longevity may require short-term trade-offs, but for a shared future in which our personal and planetary health is sustained, it sure seems worth it. I consider myself lucky to have built a brand around the perfect symbol of longevityBeans have consistently fed humans for thousands and thousands of years, and whenever I’m doubting myself, I can simply look to them for inspiration.

As always, thank you so much for being a part of this community and for making our days with your love for beans. If you have any feedback or hopes for us in the future, please send them my way.

Cheers to a 2024 filled with health & pursuits that matter most,


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