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Cabi's Zesty Sansho Peppercorn Miso

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Cabi started with a desire to create a simple and playful way to share easy and traditional Japanese home cooking. After fielding questions about ingredients like mirin, dashi, and miso for years, the founders Eri and Miki (who grew up in Japan), set off to bring their flavors and stories of home to the US. For a long time, Japanese cooking and its far-dating recipes have been perceived as out-of-reach and intimidating, but Cabi is here to create a bridge to a world obscured by unfamiliarity and inspire adventure in the kitchen.

Q&A with Cabi

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What makes your miso special?

Our miso is bold yet subtle, a real sensory experience! We’ve mixed some zesty sansho peppercorn with some sweet miso which provides a nice and unexpected balance. It stretches your flavor palate from the comfort of your home.

Tell us about your miso maker and how your miso is made.

Drive about 4 hours from Tokyo, and you’ll find Akabane’s miso factory located near the beautiful Japanese Alps. The land and the water are truly nurtured by the climate of the Alps. This enriched environment has been essential to the fermentation of miso.

Akabane’s company has been passed down for generations since 1909 and he continues to innovate the miso-making process. He likens miso production to "raising a living creature", referring to the miso fermentation process as ”something that needs constant nurturing.” When asked what his favorite food is, of course, he confidently answers ”miso.”

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What are your favorite uses of miso?

It is amazing as a fish glaze or marinade, especially with salmon and cod. If you've been to the restaurant Nobu (several locations around the US), simply marinating and grilling cod will create a dish reminiscent of its famous dish in under 10 minutes!

What's one thing you'd like home cooks in the US to know about Japanese cuisine?

It's surprisingly healthy and easy to prepare. Many dishes use fresh, seasonal ingredients like rice, fish, vegetables, and tofu, which are both nutritious and simple to cook. The rich flavors come from high-quality products such as soy sauce and miso, crafted by producers who've perfected their recipes over generations. Using these ingredients allows home cooks to easily create authentic, flavorful, and healthy Japanese meals.

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Member-exclusive recipe

Bean and snap pea salad with miso vinaigrette

We created this recipe with our friends at Cabi with a heat-free kitchen and adaptability in mind. The dressing is addictive in its own right, and you can try swapping in other beans, toppings, or veggies depending on what you have on hand (although we do love our sturdy Ayocote Morado beans in this salad!).

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Cooking resources

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