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Tasting notes: Vegetal • Buttery • Firm

Grown by: Mike Heath and Álvaro Peralta, Magic Valley, Idaho

Harvested: October 2023

Practices: Organic for 3+ decades, boosts biodiversity, supports healthy watersheds

Why we chose it

These petite, mint-hued beans are perfect in every way: they’re creamy, fresh-tasting, and hold their shape when cooked. (They also make us feel fancy because really, anything of French origin does!) There’s no better way to ring in spring!

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The sourcing backstory

Back in 2021, we imported Flageolet seed from France and tried planting it in Wyoming, but an early-season freeze wiped out the crop. Two years later, we tried our hand again after partnering with an incredible organic farm in Southern Idaho. Mike and Álvaro specialize in growing Flageolet, which means they’re experts at the process that gives these beans their color – harvesting the beans early, before they’re fully dry.

Get cookin'

Cook beans according to our step-by-step cooking guide, then plate the beans as they are, use them in a recipe, or go off-script and create something new.

Flageolet Spring Salad7_1x1 (1).jpeg__PID:df9d0c5a-cc40-44e5-9cff-a59d1adfaa25Flageolet Spring Salad7_1x1 (1).jpeg__PID:df9d0c5a-cc40-44e5-9cff-a59d1adfaa25

Broth notes:

Light-bodied, delicate, fresh

Suggested produce pairings:

Fennel, parsley, lemon

Bonus tips:

  • Sub water for homemade chicken stock for extra indulgence
  • Add a small Parm rind for an extra kick

PB recipe picks:

  • Beans au gratin
  • Chicken and bean Basquaise
  • Pasta alla Genovese with Flageolet
  • Bean and radish salad with tarragon

Head to the PB Blog for more recipes to celebrate Flageolet!

Cooking resources

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