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Classic Flat White

Classic Flat White Macro1b.jpeg__PID:6faf758c-4bf4-4f51-81e7-248875a242deClassic Flat White Macro1b.jpeg__PID:6faf758c-4bf4-4f51-81e7-248875a242de


Tasting notes: Lavish • Hearty • Smooth

Grown by: Doudlah family, Southern Wisconsin

Harvested: October 2023

Practices: 6th generation farm, builds healthy soils, symbiotic planting

Why we chose it

Eight years in the making, our just-released Classic Flat White beans are a bean worth waiting for. Ever since first trying cassoulet beans of French origin, we knew we wanted to find a way to offer these perfect beans: they’re hearty, soak up all the aromatic, and are very tasty in their own right! There’s no sauce or cooking method these beans can’t handle - try them in everything from salads to braises.

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The sourcing backstory

Breeder Ken Kmiecik has been working with Spanish and French seedstock since 2016, hoping that he could get these large, flat climbing beans to thrive on farms across the US. Enter Wisconsin-based Doudlah Farm Organics, who had the patience and attention to detail to test Ken’s beans and bring this project to life.

These large flat white beans were grown harmoniously with sunflowers in a living trellis system (think: Jack and the beanstalk-type plants growing up sturdy sunflowers). This system not only provides the support the beans need to climb and thrive, but promotes biodiversity, enriches the soil, protects the plants from harsh weather conditions, and provides some really tasty beans!

Get cookin'

Cook beans according to our step-by-step cooking guide, then plate the beans as they are, use them in a recipe, or go off-script and create something new.

Classic Flat White6.jpg__PID:139dc567-e536-4ae9-98fa-ae4c69005714Classic Flat White6.jpg__PID:139dc567-e536-4ae9-98fa-ae4c69005714

Broth notes:

Buttery, nutty, vegetal

Suggested produce pairings:

Celery, carrots, fresh herbs

Bonus tips:

  • Render some pancetta fat and use it to cook the beans. Save the crispy bits for serving
  • Add a squeeze of lemon to your brothy bowls for brightness

PB recipe picks:

  • Crispy chicken thighs with braised beans and asparagus
  • Peak-summer panzanella
  • Cheesy baked beans in tomato sauce
  • Baked beans with greens, dill, and yogurt

Head to the PB Blog for more recipes to celebrate Classic Flat White!

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