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Flour + Water Campanelle Pasta

F+W Foods campanelle box (1).jpeg__PID:7b137f4f-578a-4ba4-8eb2-c7cbe711c21bF+W Foods campanelle box (1).jpeg__PID:7b137f4f-578a-4ba4-8eb2-c7cbe711c21b

Since opening its doors in 2009, San Francisco’s Flour + Water, has become nationally recognized for its pasta – prepared with tradition influenced by Italy and California, adorned with seasonal produce, and elevated to its highest form via the 14-course pasta tasting menu. To give home cooks a chance to create with the same caliber of pasta, Flour + Water launched a line of packaged dry pastas. The harmonious pairing of pasta and beans, combined with our aligned values of elevated ingredients that allow for simple and delicious cooking, made for a very natural partnership! Read on to learn about the pasta in your box.

Q&A with Flour + Water

What makes campanelle special?

Campanelle translates to 'little bells' in Italian, and these unique shapes have ruffled edges with an insane ability to cling onto sauce. The shape works really well for recipes like this where the beans and cuts of collard greens can find their way into the ridges of the campanelle, creating a perfect bite without even trying. It's also fun to serve since it's a less traditional shape!

Why is texture so important when it comes to pasta?

We've worked with bronze dies (aka perforated metal plates that cut and shape the pasta) to make pasta at Flour + Water since we opened almost 15 years ago. The rough texture created by the porous bronze die (vs a smooth material like teflon which is more commonly used) helps sauce cling onto the noodles instead of sliding right off.

What sourcing criteria do you prioritize?

Our pasta is made with 100% organic North American semolina wheat, which is regarded as some of the best wheat in the entire world. Our restaurants are founding members of Zero Foodprint, a nonprofit that works to mobilize the food world around agricultural climate solutions, and our dried pasta line is their first CPG partner. 1% of each transaction at the restaurants and each box of pasta sold helps farms make the switch to regenerative practices. It's become such an important part of our mission as a company to create impact, and has been a really exciting way to involve our staff and guests along the way.

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Member-exclusive recipe

Campanelle with Speckled Bayo, Bacon,Braised Chicken, Buttery Collards + Aged Cheddar

"When I first tasted the Speckled Bayo beans from Primary Beans, the slightly smoky flavor reminded me of "pot liquor", the cooking liquid of a traditional southern collard green stew. In this recipe, we've played off the classic flavors of braised collards with a combination of bacon, cider vinegar, and chile flakes. By adding a touch of butter, I created a pot liquor pan sauce that coats the campanelle and brings flavor to every bite."

– Chef Ryan Pollnow, Co-Chef of Flour + Water Hospitality Group

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Bean tasting card

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