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Beans and gut health with Primary Beans

The link between your gut health and overall health

We expand on what what we’ve already covered around what beans do for your gut, and share the nuances to keep in mind as you think about your own gut health. 
Why beans are the perfect food for baby-led weaning

Why beans are the perfect food for baby-led weaning

Learn about baby-led weaning, some key tips for a smooth and low-stress start, and why beans are  the ideal food for little hands and growing babies.
Why beans are essential for a healthy gut

Why beans are essential for a healthy gut

We’re not shy about touting all the scientifically proven benefits of beans, which is why we’re excited to partner with Chelsea Didinger, PhD Candidate, to dive into the role beans play in promoting gut health.
Unique Hammond The Bean Protocol interview with Primary Beans

The Bean Protocol™, explained: Conversation with Unique Hammond

We chatted with Unique Hammond, Bean Protocol™ specialist, about the healing powers of plant-based eating, the science behind the protocol, and why beans are key to a healthy overall well-being.
Primary Beans Cannellini beans on kitchen counter

A primer on bean nutrition

Beans are a magical fruit – but not for the reason you think. Beans pack in an average of 21-24 grams of protein per 1-½ cups. They’re also a key dietary source of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium...