Primary Beans bookshelf

Primary Beans bookshelf - Primary Beans

Quarter 1 - 2021

My Mexico City Kitchen - We love Gabriela Cámara's simple instructions on navigating the fresh and bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, with personal stories woven throughout that really bring you into her kitchen.

Indian-ish - Priya Krishna's cookbook is a delicious tribute to her mom's cooking an "Indian-ish" blending of family recipes from back in India with the new culture and ingredients she found in the US.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - Samin Nosrat's fan-favorite cookbook showcases her extensive repertoire and helps any reader (including us!) discover the building blocks of becoming a confident, inspired cook.

Fiber Fueled -  Dr. Will Bulsiewicz gets science-y about gut health, which he explains is key to overall well-being and is fueled by the fiber we get from eating a variety of colorful plants. Now THIS we can get behind. 

The Third Plate - Chef Dan Barber's thoughtful take on the complex intersection of communities, ecology, cuisine, and flavor served as a lens into the future of food, and has been major inspiration for the founding team at Primary Beans.


Quarter 2 - 2021

Mother Grains - Roxana Jullapat expertly teaches us how to use those alt-grains we've always wondered about, and shares seriously delicious recipes that will make you a confident modern baker at home.

On Time and Water - One of Iceland's leading authors, Andri Snær Magnason, takes us on a personal, educational, and historical journey that describes the reality of climate change like never before. It's dark yet witty, alarming yet inspiring.

The Food of Oaxaca - Chef Alejandro Ruiz's brand-new cookbook celebrates the beautiful, distinctive culture and foodways of his homeland and Mexico's culinary capital. Spoiler alert: mouth-watering bean recipes included!

The Cooking Gene - Michael Twitty's thoughtful memoir explores racial issues through the lens of African American culinary history. A must-read for a better understanding of our painful past.

Root, Stem, Leaf, Flower - Gill Meller put together a beautiful cookbook that's not only filled with simple yet refined seasonal recipes, but plenty of inspiration for better connecting to the natural world.

Turkish bean salad (piyaz) - Primary Beans

Turkish bean salad (piyaz)

Peak-summer panzanella

Peak-summer panzanella

Summer taco salad - Primary Beans

Summer taco salad