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Meat and alt-meat

Why are there no real fast-food veggie burgers? – Food & Wine

How To replace meat: We don’t need fake ‘meat’; there are better solutions. – The Bittman Project

How scientists make plant-based foods taste and look more like meat – The Conversation

Ditching meat isn’t the answer for climate change. Better farming is. – The Washington Post

Plant-based burgers aren’t a health food. That’s a good thing. – Fast Company

What cell-cultured meat can tell us about our culture – The Counter

What our dependence on meat means for climate change – WNYC's The Takeaway (it's a listen!)

The Promise of Pulse Proteins – Modern Farmer


Anti-racism resources

Innovation and the incinerated tongue: Notes on hot chicken, race, and culinary crossover – The Counter

The food world is imploding over structural racism. The problems are much bigger than Bon Appétit. – Vox

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Movements Are Taking Back Ancestral Land – Civil Eats

How USDA distorted data to conceal decades of discrimination against Black farmers – The Counter

Black Farmers May Finally Get the Help They Deserve – The New York Times

Why Did It Take So Long for Food Companies to Rebrand their Racist Products? – Civil Eats

Food apartheid: the root of the problem with America's groceries – The Guardian

Restaurants Must Use This Moment to Change, Too – Eater

Stephen Satterfield on Food Origins and Race – Food with Mark Bittman (it's a listen!)

Inhabitants: An Indigenous Perspective – Inhabit Films (it's a film!)



Flour Trip – Eater

Chinese Food Is a Celebration of Time and Place – Epicurious

The Case for Cooking With Vinegar – Food52

The Tortilla Cartel – Taste

On Salt - and the impossible pursuit of food sanctity  – From the desk of Alicia Kennedy

The roots of anti-MSG xenophobia – Omsom


Climate change

Scorched, Parched and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country – The New York Times

Opinion: To Make Agriculture More Climate-Friendly, Carbon Farming Needs Clear Rules – Modern Farmer 

Dr. Robert Bullard: ‘We Don’t Have 40 Years’ to Fight for Climate Justice – Civil Eats

The Climate Crisis Is Worse for Women. Here’s Why. – The New York Times

Op-Ed: How an encounter with humpback whales keeps me inspired in the climate change fight – Los Angeles Times

Regenerative agriculture needs a reckoning – The Counter

The Sunday Read: 'How Climate Migration Will Reshape America' – The New York Times' The Daily (it's a listen!)

Kiss the Ground – Kiss the Ground (it's a film!)

Carrot-bean soup with miso and dill with Primary Beans Mayocoba beans

Carrot-bean soup with miso and dill

What it means to be a product of agricluture

What it means to be a product of agricluture

Frijoles charros, oaxaqueños, and puercos by Primary Beans

Mexican beans 3 ways: Frijoles charros, oaxaqueños, and puercos