Company update from our founders (November 2021)

Company update from our founders (November 2021)


Friends of Primary Beans,

Fall is in its full glory across the country and we’re taking advantage by enjoying the outdoors and getting our fill of apples, chicories, winter squash, and of course, beans. Our minds are also on our next harvest, which is well on its way to making it into your homes and onto your tables, as our community of farms and trusted partners clean, sort, package, and distribute these precious beans.

Launching this next crop is a huge milestone for us and our small team is working feverishly to get so many new and exciting things launched around the holidays. This includes a new pricing model, the option to subscribe & save, new collaborations, and lots of new bean varieties.

We’re on track despite a tiny distraction as well– in September we welcomed a new little bean to the team. That’s right! Lesley and our behind-the-scenes tech star, Dylan, had a baby boy and Renee is now a proud Aunt. (Side note: this new taste of motherhood has us thinking about what is kid food in our country and how and why it should include beans.)


Now that we’ve shared this exciting news, let’s get into our main updates:

Fall / Winter 2020-2021 harvest

As we make way for the new crop, we’re updating all pricing for our current inventory to pass additional savings on to you. All Fall / Winter 2020-2021 harvest beans are now available for a lower price.

In the name of transparency– as new entrants to the e-commerce world, we really didn’t know what to expect, and we overplanted and over-sourced some of our varieties. This new pricing may seem like a steep drop, but it puts us on the path to making our beans more accessible for everyone, and sets the stage for us to source the freshest and most diverse beans globally. It also reflects where we want to be as a company as we learn, become more efficient, and design a sustainable sourcing model that offers a range of options for each of you. (Our Fall / Winter 2021-22 harvest will have new tiered pricing– more on that soon.)

But are these beans from the last crop old, you wonder?

Great question! Like with most other foods (except wine and certain cheeses, of course), fresh is always better. With that said, we’ve done countless tests in our kitchens, and have found that beans that are enjoyed within 2 years of harvest cook up consistently and deliciously. You don't need to take our word for it, bean queens Samin Nosrat and Melissa Clark say that when it comes to beans, up to 2 years is best.


Primary Beans Cranberry and Cannellini beans


Introducing subscribe & save

We’ve also implemented a subscribe & save option, which layered onto this new pricing, is a continuation of our mission to make bean cooking at home easier than ever. Simply select the frequency and number of bags and we’ll take care of the rest. You can also cancel or pause at any time and modify what you’d like to receive from month-to-month. 

We’ve grown over the last 9 months because of YOU and we can’t thank you enough for your support. Join the celebration by ordering your 2020-21 beans today and stay tuned for new drops for the holidays. There’s so much more to come as we deepen our identity, values, and approach and we can’t wait to continue on this journey with you.


Lesley & Renee

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